Overcoming Procrastination & Self-sabotage

Overcoming Procrastination & Self-sabotage


Procrastination almost got the better of me last week. My schedule was clear, we were all set to film an online class but suddenly I felt compelled to vacuum. I also decided that my hair wasn’t quite right and my accounting couldn’t possibly wait. When you choose accounting as an avoidance tactic something isn’t right. So what was really going on?

In this episode we take a good hard look at procrastination and self sabotage.

Why we do it, the role that our emotions play and how to turn things around. We share our personal experiences along with our favourite resources on the topic.

A few things you’ll hear about in this conversation:

  • The role that fear plays in procrastination

  • Why we need little wins and small victories

  • How to build the habit of ‘taking action’

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