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Connect with your creativity.

You have all you need inside yourself, to create art that speaks volumes. 

But let’s face it, making art isn’t always easy. Finding your style, navigating art supplies, deciding when a painting is finished … There’s a lot to get your head and heart around.

I’m here to help you. To provide inspiration and encouragement in a way that supports your own personal growth.  

Each mixed media mini class had been designed to inspire you, while leaving you plenty of time to create. Think of these as nourishing art bites. Small in size but jam-packed with creative goodness.

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Abstract Landscapes

Loosen up and Create a Series of Abstract Paintings Inspired by Nature.

In this mini class, I will take you through my step-by-step process for building up a series of abstract paintings on canvas using fluid acrylic paints and mixed media supplies.


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Layer by Layer

Paint a large-scale abstract canvas without the overwhelm. Take it step by step and use parameters to bring ease to the process.


Watercolour Explorations

Build confidence in watercolour through colour mixing, sketchbook play and abstract mark-making.

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Braver Things

Go deeper with your abstract art. Generate ideas, identify themes and bravely explore possibilities.

Flourish and Flow

Flourish & Flow

Paint vibrant and uplifting botanical paintings using a unique approach that combines the fluidity of ink with creamy acrylic.


Abstract Adventuring

Create a cohesive series of abstract paintings on paper. Plan your colour palette and use intentional marks to unify your work.

The Melting Pot.png

The Melting Pot

Playfully explore mixed media and see what happens when you combine watercolour, ink, acrylic, pencils, pens and pastels,

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Minimal Magic

Create a set of mixed media mini paintings. Find joy in using a limited palette and affordable supplies like old book pages.

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Piece by Piece

Explore the meditative and mesmerizing world of mixed media collage. Use painted papers to create striking geometric designs.



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