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I help artists to grow their confidence
& build businesses they love!

Laura Horn Art Podcast


Grab a cup of tea and settle in for a cosy chat about all things creative.



Be inspired with a wide range of classes exploring mixed media.



Get tips and resources to boost your creativity and grow your business.


Hey there, I’m Laura

Meet the Artist

An abstract artist from Adelaide, that had a dream and kept chasing it. My first exhibition was even called Dream Chaser! Noticing a theme?

I followed my passion and created a beautiful, messy creative life around it.

Tapping into my creativity gave me clarity and confidence and it can do this for you too.


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Connect with others in a thriving
online art community

Available Mixed Media Mini Classes

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Overwhelmed with the challenge of finding
your artistic style?


Do you love making art but at times feel uncertain about your style and direction? I know I do.

We live in a time where inspiration is at our fingertips and while it's wonderful, it can also be confusing.

This free video and accompanying workbook is all about bringing your art back to you! 

I want to help you to nurture your artistic voice, take action on your creative goals and make art that YOU absolutely love!


Get Your Free Artistic Style Workbook

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