Susan Nethercote - Why You Need to Make More Art

Talking with Artist Susan Nethercote


This week’s conversation with Australian artist, Susan Nethercote, motivated me to get my paints out and start playing on a daily basis again!

Susan talks about the importance of ‘volume’ when it comes to art and the magic that happens when you work swiftly and feel your way through the process.

We also dig in deep with the business side of things and geek out over business structures, website platforms, email marketing providers and online course models.

It is all very timely as Susan has just launched not one but two new websites. Find out more in this episode and don’t forget to pop over and visit Suse’s new online home.

A few things we talk about are:

  • Enjoying the exploratory stage of your art career

  • Being resourceful in how you approach your time and process

  • The pros and cons of various online tools including Squarespace, Wordpress, MailChimp and ConvertKit

  • Trusting that there is an audience that resonates just with you

  • Making soul-driven business decisions that allow for flexibility and self-care

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