Andrea Soos - A Playful Process

Talking with Artist, Andrea Soos


Ooh, it's an exciting episode on the podcast this week. I am talking with abstract artist, Andrea Soos!

Andrea lives in Victoria, British Columbia where she makes art nearly every day from her backyard studio. With vibrant colours and playful marks, it’s the type of work that makes you want to grab a paintbrush and start painting!

I had so many questions for Andrea, I'll admit it it was hard to contain myself. Questions like how did she develop her distinctive style? And what was it like to transition from teaching into making art full-time? Andrea is incredibly generous with her answers, sharing plenty of useful tips for artists hoping to take a similar path.

I especially love the advice Andrea gives for dealing with the harder parts of being an artist on social media. Hint, it will get you off Instagram and focused on making more art!

This is a big episode (my longest podcast yet) but honestly, once we started chatting we couldn’t stop! Andrea's story is refreshing, relatable and encouraging -  definitely an episode not to be missed!

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Andrea’s Links

Thrive Mastermind

Andrea’s Upcoming Shows

South main gallery: (Vancouver B.C.)
June 29-July 12 A Room in the Clouds (solo show)

Fortune Gallery (Victoria B.C.) 
July 1-31 (2 person show) 


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