5 Strategies for Selling Art Online

5 Strategies for Selling Art Online


What’s harder, making art or marketing it? For many artists, it’s the latter. 

Hands up if you have some artwork sitting around that could be listed for sale? If you answered yes, stay tuned. In today’s episode I’m sharing five specific strategies for selling art online. 

Marketing doesn’t have to be icky, with the right strategy you can increase your sales while also cultivating your creative practice. Take a Flash Sale, for example, this type of sale can provide income during a slow period, reducing your stress so you can focus on a new project. Or how about a Painting a Day Sale? Perfect for generating excitement on your social media channels and fostering discipline in your work. 

The key is to find the marketing strategy that works best for you. You don’t need to do all the things. In fact, my challenge for you, is to pick a strategy, open up your planner and make a commitment to trying one of these strategies. Just one for now.

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Podcast Episode 7 - Steps to Selling Your Art