The Real Deal on Working Together

The Real Deal on Working Together


Have you ever wondered what it is like to work with your partner? A year ago Richie and I pooled our talents in art and videography and started making online classes. We didn't know where it would go but we both knew in our hearts that if we didn't try we'd regret it. A year on and we're still here!

It wasn't always easy though. We dropped the ball and created many things that ended up on the scrapheap.

But something cool happened. The more mistakes we made, the better we got at picking ourselves up and using our failures to make even better work and to improve our relationship.

As Richie so eloquently puts it 'We've been in the muck together, come out the other side and we are still going strong.โ€™

This week we are celebrating with a special podcast episode - the real deal on working together! Things like how it has affected our relationship, what the kids think about the business, who has the most annoying habits and what keeps us coming back for more!

We are also having a big sale on all of our online art classes! Use the coupon code ARTPARTY at checkout to save 30% on ALL classes.

Coupon expires on Sunday, May 5th 2019, 12:00 am ACST (Australian Central Standard Time).

Thank you for all your encouragement, we wouldn't be here without you!


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