Face Your Fears & Grow as an Artist (Part 1)

Face Your Fears & Grow as an Artist


What is your biggest fear as an artist? Is it not making enough money or maybe you are worried that you will never create work that you are truly proud of? Recently, I asked this question over on Instagram and let's just say the fears came flying in! So this week and next week (yep we are doing another 2 part series), we thought we'd tackle a few of them head on. 

In today's episode you will hear us talk about …

The fear of not being good enough (that all encompassing fear that we all have)

The fear of being thought of as a fraud due to no formal training 

The fear of not being taken seriously as an artist by friends or family

Three big juicy fears that we've got a lot to say about. We'll be sharing our own experiences and the strategies that we use to keep going even when we feel scared and overwhelmed. We hope that at the end of this episode you feel encouraged, that you know that fear is normal and you also know that you get a say in how you respond to it!


Podcast Episode 9 - The Fear of Not Being Good Enough