Face Your Fears & Grow as an Artist (Part 2)

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This week we are continuing our conversation about fear. Last week we tackled creative fears and this time we are diving into the business side of things. Top of our list is the fear of not making enough money. Why is it so hard to talk about money? Or more to the point be honest about money and how important it is?

It was only recently that Richie confided in me that he was seriously worried that he might have to go back to a regular full-time job. That maybe we were kidding ourselves with this whole creative couple concept. As it turned out my husband’s fear was the wake up call we needed to tackle one of our other fears - the fear of not being productive enough. We had to really look at whether that fear has showed up to teach us a few lessons and well, you’ve probably guessed but it had! Finally we chat about the fear of not being professional enough and Richie reminds me yet again that I can actually call myself a professional artist. Saying I am artist is hard enough but now he has me saying I am a professional artist!

We hope by sharing our experiences of fear you will feel more empowered to not only talk about fear but also take positive action and ultimately become less fearful about fear itself!

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Podcast Episode 36 - Facing Your Fears and Growing as an Artist (Part 1)


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