7 Tips for a Website that Works!

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Aside from making art, one of my favourite ways to while away a few hours is to work on my website. Yep I am a website geek. Give me all the colours, font combinations and cool little features. To be honest, I spend a bit too much time tweaking my website when I should be doing other things but this week I get to shamelessly talk websites! 

Now I know there are artists that sell directly off Instagram or Etsy and that can work really well but I am a fan of having your own little bit of cyberspace. Since I got serious about my website, I have seen huge growth in my business. More art sales, more online class sign-ups, more workshop participants, more podcast downloads and so on. 

The biggest change for me was when I started thinking of my website as the hub of the business, not just an add-on because I felt like I 'should' have a website.

Now while I could talk for hours about the visual and tech side of a website, this episode is more about getting to the core of your website's purpose. The part that so often gets overlooked! So grab a cup of tea and settle in, I'm sharing my top 7 tips for a website that works! 

For a recap of the tips included in this podcast, head over to https://www.laurahornart.com/blog/website-tips


Podcast Episode 34 - Building Your Brand as an Artist

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