Kellee Wynne - A Lifelong Habit of Making Art

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My guest today, Kellee Wynne Conrad, took her time to develop her art because she wanted it to be a lifelong habit and process. A 100 day artwork challenge and a year-long passion project (Color Crush Creative) paved the way for the online art program she now runs, Experience True Colors.

In this episode we chat about her journey and how she juggles being an artist, mother of three and creative business owner.

A few things we talk about are:

  • Using daily challenges to make a lot of art

  • Accepting that as a business owner there will always be something else to do

  • Prioritising personal studio work

  • Letting go of the stress of social media and focusing on real connections

  • Being a positive role model for your children

What I learned from Kellee is that if you approach your work from an authentic place and concentrate on what you can control, the other things have a way of falling into place. Oh and this all works best if you start the day with coffee!

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