From Chaos to Calm - My Reset Routine

From Chaos to Calm - My Reset Routine


This past month has been one of the busiest Richie and I have had in a long time. We launched a new online class and pulled everything together for my SALA exhibition. All while juggling our kids being at home on school holidays! Makes me sweat just thinking about it. Phew, kind of glad it is a new month! A fresh start. Speaking of fresh starts, that’s what this podcast is all about.

After we hung the last piece for the exhibition, I knew that I needed to take a few days to piece my life back together. I don’t tend to do things by halves so I decided that a total life reset was required and that there would be three parts to this ART, LIFE and BUSINESS. Join me as I share my tips and tricks for getting organised on multiple fronts so that you ready for the next phase of creative work!

A few things you will hear about in this episode:

  • ART ADMIN - Getting my studio space, inspiration and art supplies ready for new work.

  • LIFE ADMIN - Catching up on personal appointments, household jobs and errands.

  • BUSINESS ADMIN - Reviewing goals, redesigning my weekly schedule using Michael Hyatt’s ‘Ideal Week’ concept, cleaning up my digital space and going crazy on old-school notebooks so I never lose a good idea!

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