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I am having an a-ha week. You know, one of those weeks when life serves you up some valuable lessons and you surprise yourself by paying attention. A few things that I have realised are:

1) De-cluttering is immensely satisfying (thank you Marie Kondo)
2) Weekends deserve protection
3) The best social media strategy is the one that feels healthy
4) Sometimes you don't need to chase shiny new things
5) Teaching teaches the teacher

I also have not one but three podcast suggestions for your playlist. Art lovers can rejoice as the number and quality of art podcasts is on the rise! 

There is no denying that this is a jam-packed podcast. In-fact it could have been several better-organised episodes but you know what it is? It's an honest conversation about creative life so I am going to let it be just that. Enjoy!


Marie Kondo
Episode 28, Three Questions to Find Your Focus
Episode 25, 5 Instagram Strategies for 2019

Art Juice podcast with Alice Sheridan and Louise Fletcher
Artist | Mother podcast with Kaylan Buteyn
Do It For the Process podcast with Emily Jeffords

Read my review of the three podcast recommendations here

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