Books & Podcasts to Stay Inspired

Books & Podcasts to Stay Inspired


Not going to lie, the last few weeks have been hectic. Juggling school holidays while getting a new online class ready for launch has left me and my hubby feeling a little frazzled and also guilty. So this week we are taking a week off, well kind of. Work seems to follow us everywhere we go, but once this podcast is out into the world, we will be enjoying some much needed down-time. Lazy days to swim, walk and catch up on books and podcasts. On that note, join us this week as we share what we will be reading and listening to as we wind down on our Summer Holiday.


Laura’s Classes and Free Workbook
New online class: Abstract Adventuring
Free workbook: Finding Your Unique Artistic Style

Laura’s Book Picks
A Glorious Freedom, Lisa Congdon
Paint Alchemy, Eva Magill-Oliver
The 5 Minute Journal, Intelligent Change

Laura’s Podcast Picks
The Jealous Curator, episodes mentioned - Lola Donoghue, Lisa Congdon
The Creativity Habit, episodes mentioned - Mati Rose, Nikki Cade, Lisa Congdon

Richie’s Podcast Picks
Radio Lab
The Director's Cut

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