Wendy Solganik - When the Art is Piling Up!

Wendy Solganik.png


This week, I am excited to share with you that I have another artist guest. I am speaking with Wendy Solganik (also known as @willawatercolors over on Instagram). 

Wendy has a wealth of experience. She ran her own fine stationery and invitation design/printing business for many years and it was super successful, but she left it all behind to focus on her own art and on her family.

Since then she has been taking my online classes and exploring a more abstract style of watercolour art. With the work starting to pile up, Wendy had a question for me. What should she do with all the art that she is making? We chat about various options including selling the work, giving it away and even putting it in the bin!

I absolutely loved this conversation, Wendy shares so much wisdom and also asks me questions that I am sure many of you have wanted to ask. It’s a refreshing and fascinating conversation and one that really got me thinking. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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To follow Wendy’s arty adventures, head over to https://www.instagram.com/willawatercolors/


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