Ange Miller - Listening to the Cry of Your Heart

Talking with Artist Ange Miller


This week, I am thrilled to welcome artist, Ange Miller, to the podcast!

Ange hosts in-person workshops, runs two Instagram accounts, provides one-on-one coaching and has recently launched an online training portal called the Art Flow Sessions. She is also mother to four kids under the age of 13!

You might be asking, how does she do it? I know I was and without giving too much away, I can tell you that it involves both grit and grace.

This is a story about hard work and being brave enough to listen to the cry of your heart even when you are not sure where it might take you.

Ange's work truly is the culmination of decades of digging in deep and this week I am delighted to be able to share her journey with you.

Talking with Ange Miller

In this episode, Ange talks about:

  • Juggling the many hats that come with being an artist and mum of four.

  • Letting go of the pressure associated with a traditional art school education. 

  • Focusing on creative confidence and teaching this approach to B.A. degree students for 10 years.

  • Falling in love with alcohol inks and pushing their boundaries through extensive play.

  • Collaborating with fashion label, Mimco.

  • Doing her best work yet - empowering artists through her Chrysalis Coaching and Art Flow Online Training Sessions.


To find out more about Ange's work and her beautiful offerings, head to:

Ange's Instagram
Art Flow Sessions Instagram
Chrysalis Coaching Program  
Art Flow Online Training - Intuitive Art Approach: Abstract Acrylic๏ปฟ


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