Diana re improved work

Because I’m self taught I have always felt my work was not good enough, but after doing your classes, not any more! THAT Laura is what you’ve given me — My Tools! When I’m done painting a canvas, my work looks professional. It looks polished!


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PaintedLeafLandscape on chatting to an art friend

Like a chat with an art friend
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

I've listened since episode 1 and look foward to them every week. Very easy going chat with Laura and her husband Richie on all things art and running art business (in my case just starting out). They have a nice banter with an 'real' sense of ease and humor. So glad you decided to create this!


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Kristy on online classes

Laura's classes are must for anyone wanting to bring more fun and joy into their life! They gifted me a new passion and I love being in touch with my creative side so much more. Laura is an amazing teacher and her lessons are not only well put together but easy to follow with great instruction!


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Glenys re class community

As a member of the very positive on-line community I enjoy sharing my work, seeing others’ work, & interacting with other creatives. It creates a sense of belonging, & is a wonderful way of uniting creatives globally in an uplifting way.


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