Minimal Magic, So Much More Than a New Class

I have a new class coming and I couldn’t be more excited. Minimal Magic starts on the 15 September!

It feels like this class has been brewing for a long time. I know that it might appear as a change in direction or a new style but there's so much that goes on under the surface before new work is birthed.

Over the past couple of years, I have felt a pull towards earthy colours and natural textures but it has taken time for it to filter through to my art.

August 09, 2018 at 04_34PM.jpg

For a long time, I have felt a discrepancy between the way I paint and what I enjoy when I am observing the world. In fact, it is only recently that I have begun painting pieces that I want to adorn my own walls with.

This change got my attention. What was I doing differently? Why was my work tugging harder on my heartstrings?

What I noticed, was that I was using more earthy colours and intentional marks. There was also a change in my process. A slowing down. A quiet noticing of the steps that make up the whole.

My paintings were beginning to feel more in tune with my personality. They were calming down and if there is one word that is used to describe me again and again, it is the word calm. I have been told that I am am a calm person my whole life. When I was younger, I felt that calm was just a nice way of saying, boring. How I wished for people to describe me as effervescent, bubbly and wild.

They never did though, I was always the calm one. Now though, I love my calm. I feel like I have an incredible resource that I can access when things get rough. I can quiet down and find my calm.

Anyway, how does this relate to my latest work? Well finally, my calm nature is showing up on the canvas. My love of quiet spaces, soft gentle colours, rich earth, stark silhouettes, natural textures and so on.

I'm letting go of some of the noise. A lot of it was only there because I thought others wanted it. Just like when I was younger and I longed to be louder and funnier. I wanted that to fit in, to make others happy.


Now, I am digging in deep, turning inwards and allowing that to be expressed through my art. It's very powerful and therapeutic.

So for me, this class, is so much more than a class. It’s a new direction and a return home all at once.

I hope when you see the class, you will know what I mean. Here is a little glimpse …

There is still a few more days to register for the early bird price of 28 USD / 38 AUD.

The early bird coupon, MAGIC, is valid until 16 September, 5pm (ACST).

I would love for you to join me if this class feels right for you ♡