Lessons Learned from 2018

Lessons learned from 2018


Do you have an end of year planning ritual? A process for reflecting on the year that was and preparing for what lies ahead? Up until now, we haven't. To be honest there has been a bit too much winging it over the past 12 months for comfort. 

That's why when I heard about The Maker's Yearbook 2019 by Nicola Taylor, I ordered it immediately. I knew that we needed help to get on track for 2019. Since it arrived, I have been pestering my hubby to sit down for a planning sesh and this week we did! 

One of the things that I love about The Maker's Yearbook is that before you start the planning part, you take a good look back at the past 12 months - the highs, the lows and the lessons learned along the way. 

We definitely dropped the ball in a few areas but there were also amazing improvements to our family life and the level of fulfilment we both feel about our work. Tune in to hear more from our first ever planning sesh together. 

The Maker's Yearbook: makersbusinesstoolkit.com/makers-yearbook/ created bywww.nicolataylorphotographer.com

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