10 Organisational Tips for Your Creative Business

Organisational Tips for Artists


This episode we are sharing 10 organisational ideas that your future self will thank you for. You know the types of things; storing your photos, doing a stock-take of your art supplies, filing your receipts and so on. But what about scheduling your self-care and making clear work boundaries? Richie puts me in the hot seat this week, shining the light on my unhealthy work habits and reminding me of just how stubborn I can be when I get fixated on something.

While I wouldn't say I loved this conversation as it was happening, when I listened to it back, I knew I had to leave it in, because while it is hard, we need to talk about this stuff. Talk about this impossible desire to do all the things. After this podcast I felt liberated and encouraged to make changes and I hope you do too.

This isn't about having everything figured out, this is about making your life easier so you have more time to enjoy what you love.

If you would like to read the 10 tips, I have a summary over on the blog that includes links to all the resources mentioned.


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