3 Podcasts for Your Playlist

Podcast Suggestions

Art lovers, I have good news! There are three new podcasts on the scene and they are brilliant. Open up your podcast app and get ready to hit subscribe. Here we go, in no particular order …

1. ART JUICE with Alice Sheridan & Louise Fletcher

I have been following Alice Sheridan's work on Instagram now for many years, while Louise Fletcher, is a new and wonderful discovery for me. What I love most about this podcast is the honest conversational style. It feels like you are right there with Alice and Louise chatting about art and life. Plus I have to say I adore the British accents and hearing what it is like being an artist in the UK. They cover helpful topics such as how to set up your studio space and there’s always a funny story or two. Down-to-earth and relatable, with this podcast you’ll gain not one but two art friends.

2. ARTIST / MOTHER PODCAST with Kaylan Buteyn

With three young kids, Kaylan Buteyn knows the ups and downs of navigating creative life as a mother. In her podcast she dives in deep with this topic, interviewing artists about their own experiences of making art while rearing children. With a gentle interview style, Kaylan expertly peels back the layers on her guests. What you get is a unique insight into the life of each artist and specifically how their artist journey has been shaped by motherhood. If you have ever questioned whether it is possible to be a working artist as well as a good mother, this podcast will remind you that it is possible and worth striving for.

3. DO IT FOR THE PROCESS with Emily Jeffords

And then there is the podcast by Emily Jeffords. I have for a long time admired Emily’s artwork and smarts when it comes to creative business. It's funny how when an artist reaches a certain level of success such as Emily has, you forget that they too had to start somewhere. In this podcast you get to learn about Emily’s humble beginnings and Emily doesn’t hold back. She lets you in on her early days as a blogger and Etsy seller. It’s so encouraging! Listening to Emily you can’t help but feel more confident and capable. It really is like she is there in the room cheering you on! This one is an absolute must for emerging artists. The tips that Emily shares are worth their weight in gold.

So there you have it, three very different art podcasts each with their own style and unique perspective. I know from having my own podcast, that it takes heart and hard work to put out a podcast on a regular basis. I’m thrilled though that more artists are taking the plunge. My playlist has never looked better!

What about you? What podcasts are keeping you inspired as you create?

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