Finding a Gentle Rhythm to My Days

After nearly a year of working from home running my art business, I think I might be finding a gentle rhythm to my days. When I was working part-time I would often only have one day during the week to paint and it usually ended up being an epic back-breaking session lasting 8-10 hours.

These painting sessions would get the work done but would leave me feeling completely exhausted and a long way from living the life that I truly wanted to. 

Now that I am able to spread my work across a full week, I'm having much shorter but more focused painting sessions. I usually paint for between 2 - 3 hours a day with a few short breaks. 

Today I spent time on my larger abstract paintings. For the first time ever, I am working across five paintings. I love the gentle dance from one painting to the other, there's such a freedom to it. 

At this point, my main focus on all five paintings is to build up a good foundation. I am using thin layers of glaze to add richness and depth. Later I will think more about what marks or imagery I might want to add but for now I am happy just slowly building up the colours and seeing what compositions emerge through the process. 

These two are coming along well so tomorrow I will work more on the others to try to bring them to around the same place. Then I will have five canvases to spread my ideas across! I wonder if that will be enough?