A Melting Pot of Mixed Media Goodness

UPDATE to post 30/04/2018 - coupon code for class, extended until 1 May 2018, see below for details. 

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When it comes to adding energy and life into your paintings, mark making is your friend! It's the little details that make a difference. With marks you can infuse personality into your work, express emotions and tell your story in your own unique way. 

A painting rich in marks, keeps the viewer interested. Have you ever seen a painting and felt completely captivated, like you could look at it again and again and always discover something new.? That's the magic of mark-making!

And there are so many ways to make your mark. Big loose brush-strokes, delicate pen-work, playful scribbles, bold lines, repetitive patterns ..... 

In my new online mini class, The Melting Pot, we playfully explore different ways of mark making using a variety of mixed media supplies. Watercolour, ink, pastels, pens, pencil, acrylic paint. It's a melting pot of mixed media goodness. 

We also look at how one painting can become an incredible idea generator. Inspiring new trains of thought and ultimately new paintings! 

If you haven't seen the promotional video, you can see it here: 


The early-bird 25% off discount is available until 1 May 2018, 5pm ACST. Use coupon code ARTJOY at check-out to make this mini course super affordable - 26.25 USD / 34.65 AUD.