Learning More With Less

A small window of creative time, a cup of coffee and not much more than a bottle of acrylic ink in Payne's Grey. My intention was comforting in its clearness, 'just see what you can do'. So often I make things more complicated than they need to be. There's something so satisfying about stripping things right back. Taking the time to linger with a new technique or supply and get to know it intimately. 

I pulled out a sheet of cold press watercolour paper. I needed a starting point, a container to safely explore within. My chosen container was a grid-like pattern of puddles. This gave me a structure so that I could focus my energies on exploring all the subtle variations I could create within the puddles. 

Using different ratios of water, ink and a few splashes of my cold coffee I created puddles that look like they belong together yet are all completely different. The simplest of tools (a skewer, a few brushes and a sheet of paper towel) allowed me to push and pull the ink and get different effects. 

botanical muse057 (2).jpg

It was so easy to get lost in this process and I am thankful I did as I love the end result. There's something so cool about the organised structure vs. the uniqueness of each and every puddle. Each puddle is a pocket of learning. A wonderful way to build creative muscle! 

Pebble Minimalism.jpg