It's A Small World After All

Laura Horn Art

It's A Small World After All! That was the song that my son sang with his classmates at his Christmas concert. It brought tears to my eyes. I find it so hard to hold it together at end-of-year concerts.

And speaking of our small world, last week I was touched to be interviewed by Suzanne Redmond for her podcast The Left Brain Artist. Suzanne usually interviews US artists but she crossed the pond (virtually) to Australia and we had a fabulous chat about how a little hobby and a big vision set the wheels in motion for the creative business that I now run together with my hubby.

Laura Horn Art

We covered all sorts including how I ended up with a podcast, what celebrity inspired my online classes and my favourite tool for managing my Instagram account. Suzanne definitely went deep with me, so if you have ever wanted to know more about my creative business, be sure to tune in to the episode. And when you have listened to that episode, go back and listen to the others! Suzanne’s podcast is packed with inspiring interviews and practical tips for emerging and established artists.

On that note, I will sign off so that you can go and add the Left Brain Artists podcast to your playlist!

Laura X