Cultivating Healthy Business Habits

This year one of my intentions is to focus more on the business side of things. I love painting but I know that if I really want to make a go of being a working artist, I need to put as much time into the business as I do into the art. 

It's time to cultivate healthy business habits.

To kick things off, I am focusing on one habit, the habit of listing my work for sale online.

I have all sorts of bits and pieces lying around in my studio that I could list but I've created all these stories in my head that get in the way of me doing just that. Stories like ...

I need a professional photograph/scan, I can't do it myself.
It will take too long.
It's not good enough to sell.
It's not finished (even though usually it is).

Yesterday, I decided to take some time to build my confidence around listing work. It started with a crash course in using a camera (as opposed to my IPhone) and then it was just a matter of diving in and having a play around with different ways of presenting my work. 

I brought the photos into photo editing software (Lightroom) and with a bit of help from my husband I learned how just a few small adjustments can make all the difference. Once I had a few photos I liked I logged on to my website and listed the piece. 

So you can now find this painting 'Botanical Muse' listed for sale in my online shop! Success!


While I was at it, I played around with taking photos of a few of my favourite supplies. I recently purchased these Sennelier Oil Pastels and they are so much creamier than the other pastels I have. They also have a beautiful selection of shades from bold bright colours to more subtle soft colours. 


I've mentioned before here about my love of Daniel Smith watercolours, I try other brands from time to time but always come back to them. I love them so much that I have found a way to incorporate them into my mixed media paintings. I've been using them in the very first layer. Such a great way to loosen up and play with ideas and you can choose to preserve the watercolour in the final painting or you can cover it up with layers of other mixed media supplies. 


I used the technique of layering acrylic over watercolour in my LIFE BOOK 2018 lesson. If you look closely in the photograph below you can see that there are parts of the original watercolour peeking through. It provides a great contrast up against the creamy acrylic and the bold inky line work. It's not too late to sign up for Life Book, registration is still open


Well that's it for today, I've laid the foundation for listing my work online, now I just need to keep at it! All being well my online shop will be stocked to the brim very soon Xx