Finding Focus

I often get the feeling that my artwork is all over the place. One minute I'm working on a big flowy botanical painting, then I try something more abstract, then I lean into something whimsical. I seem to have my fingers in a lot of pies. Usually, I say to myself - it's all good, you are experimenting, you are learning, have fun, don't worry .... but deep down I know that there is also some important benefits to be gained from deeply exploring a theme rather than just scratching the surface.


Quality work takes persistence and repetition. Doing it again and again is one of the best ways to get better and measure your progress. There are also many commercial benefits - a series of work is easier to market and helps your audience to recognise your work.

Knowing all this, I still find it a struggle. I am a bird that likes shiny new things. Ideas tempt me everyday even though I know that I have unfinished business with ideas that have already taken my fancy.

I yearn for creative discipline and it is a quality that I admire in other artists. Beautifully curated social media feeds by artist's that have a clear vision and the discipline and dedication to follow it through.

I wonder at what point did they gain this vision, did they too bounce around for many years? Am I trying to hurry this process? Or am I making an excuse again to justify my lack of clarity around my path?

It's such a delicate balance isn't it? On the one hand wanting to be open and curious to new ideas and on the other hand knowing how important it is to be focused and committed to develop an idea fully.