A Starting Point

I managed to get into the studio for a short spell today and I couldn't help myself, I had to try out the idea I thought of yesterday i.e. using a  word as a starting point for a painting. I chose to work with the word 'Flow' and also the word 'Cluster'.


With flow, I was focusing on how I could create fluidity in a painting. Drips, washes, loose layers and gentle movement.

With cluster, I was thinking about how I could group elements together in a painting and create a focal point.

I didn't have long in the studio but I started to dance around with these ideas and it felt good! What I loved about it is that it encouraged me to focus in on one main technique. I often struggle with trying to include every idea and technique I've ever come across in the one painting. This exercise is not about that at all. It's about really honing in on one idea and making that the hero of the painting.

I'm really gutted because I don't have photos of the pieces of art that I worked on today. I might do a sneaky update of this post in the morning to add in photos. Yes, that seems like a good idea.

I'll be back tomorrow