Overcoming Creative Block


I seem to be doing more pondering than painting lately. I never really used to understand the concept of creative block. I always felt like I had too many ideas to ever feel blocked but now even though I have ideas, I feel like the ideas are getting lost in translation.

It's all part of the creative process though. One can't expect to be in a permanent state of juicy ideas and unbridled enthusiasm. There are always going to be periods of struggle where the path forwards is unclear.

There are a few things that I do know though and identifying those markers will help me to navigate my way out of this confusing place. I know that I want to get back to more abstract work. I want to focus more deeply on my colour choices. I'd love to be able to say more with less. I also want the marks and textures I include to be intentional while still being free. Perhaps these are also things that I am craving in my life - focus, intention, minimalism, freedom.

Today I felt like I needed a container to explore these ideas within. I needed to be able to put the ideas somewhere so I could access them more easily and to be able to bring the hidden gems to the surface. To do this, I decided to come up with a list of prompts. I'm quite a wordy person. I like reading, I like writing and there are certain words that evoke things in me, actually speaking of words, I like the word 'evoke'! I wondered if perhaps I could come up with a list of words and for each word I could create an abstract painting inspired by the word.


So with a cup of tea, I started listing words that came to mind. I then went back through the list and shortlisted it to these:

Weave, Harvest, Grow, Illuminate, Excavate, Adorn, Scatter, Flow, Scribe, Gather, Flourish, Meditate, Nest
Cocoon, Emerge, Thread, Protect, Breathe and Layer.

Even just the act of writing the list was helpful. I began to see how some of my ideas could take form. It has given me something to grab onto to help me find my way. It will be interesting to see where this takes me. I may end up using the list as I described (i.e. as painting prompts) or perhaps there is another purpose. Either way, I'm feeling more confident than I did earlier today. Sometimes it's the little steps like these that are the most important.

Until tomorrow Xx