Allowing Things to be Easy

Today was a welcome return to painting outdoors. We are getting bursts of Spring sunshine and it's glorious! My painting companion, Spencer, is enjoying the sun too. The days are getting longer and that means more daylight for painting. Although, today it was tempting to just lay out in the sun and read my book! I think we all have days like that.

I'm nearing the end of my 30 day blogging adventure and I'm feeling quite tired. Most of my blog posts have been written at night and my bed-time has been pushing out later and later. So today I had a rest and recover day. I made the conscious choice to go with whatever felt easy. Initially, what felt easy was not doing any art at all so I made myself a cup of tea, lay down on my sun lounger and started a new book (for any fiction lovers out there, in case you were wondering, I've just started reading 'I Let You Go' by Clare Mackintosh).


Then I thought about what else would be easy and rejuvenating and I knew it had to be watercolour. I find the loose fluidity of watercolour so cleansing. I picked up an old stacked pebble painting and started adding in more pebble shapes to fill the whole page. Once again, I was drawing on symbolism that soothes me. Pebbles for me are very grounding and I return to them again and again, particularly when I feel a bit out of sorts. I'll probably add more patterns to the new pebbles I have added into this painting one day. Although chances are this painting will get tossed in my watercolour basket and may not get touched again for months or even years!


I also returned to another type of painting that sits within my comfort zone - watercolour fantasy landscapes. I never have a plan with these, I just start with loose shapes and ususally those shapes start to look a little like something - rolling hills, a running stream. little trees and from there my imagination takes over and they become little imaginary worlds.


Here is another one. I didn't actually want the sky to be filled in with green dots but I spilt something on the top and that was my attempt at recovering the painting. I do like those little rainbow mountains in the background. Even if I'm not totally happy with a painting, I can usually find something good in it! Watercolour isn't all that forgiving so I have quite a lot of paintings that don't cut the mustard but were fun to make. I often end up cutting them up for collage.


Today was a lazy painting day. There are some days when you are in a good place for exploring new territory and making brave choices and there are other days when you just need to go with what's easy. Returning to a style of painting that you feel comfortable with is a great way to boost your confidence and lift your spirits. I'm feeling much better for it and I have a feeling that I'll be ready to tackle some more adventurous painting tomorrow.

See you then Xx