Exploring Abstraction

Well I was gearing up for a big studio day, but I had a VIP kindergarten lunch to go to so that cut short my plans. Had to laugh because the kindy rang me to remind me to come over, I live across the road and I think they know that I often get swept up in the studio. I'm always running over last minute with paint all over me.

I did get a bit of time in the studio so I kept working on my new 'Feels Like Home' series. I still feel like I am searching for the missing link with this series but if I keep playing and trying out new things, eventually I'll find my way with it.

I have to admit it was one of those days where my best work might have been the paint palette itself. Sigh ... I really love those colours, soft greens, greys, oranges and ochre. Must file that sheet away for future reference. I often do that, I keep paint palettes that I like to inspire me later.


I ran out of room on my desk today, so I sprawled out on the floor. I'm thinking it might be for time to re-organise the studio. The way I have it now isn't quite working for me. It's not a huge space but I am sure I could use it better.


Plenty of layering today and not a botanical image in sight. I'm leaning into a more abstract style here. Playing with colour, line, shape and form without any imagery.


Working this way has reignited my passion for mixed media. I pulled out some supplies I haven't used in a while to experiment with different marks and textures.


I got a bit carried away on this piece but there are parts that I really love and I am considering cropping it to create a more pleasing composition. One of the reason I love working on paper. Often I start big knowing that while I started with one painting, I might end up with two or three by the time I've finished.


So this Is where I ended up today. There's already quite a few pieces underway for my new series. Not all of them will make the cut, well actually they will, the pieces that don't get included n the series will get cut up into collage snippets for another little project I have in mind. For some reason, I am guessing that the collage side project will probably end up being my favourite part. I wrote another post about side projects, so if you haven't read that you might want to check it out.

For me though, it's time to rest my sleepy head. Back tomorrow Xx