Why I'm Blogging Everyday

Oh I knew this day would arrive. I'm really tired and I don't feel like writing a blog post at all! Yesterday I was buzzing with ideas and today I don't have the energy to implement them. But I am here and I'll tell you why.

Commitment and follow through is absolutely essential if you are running a creative business. You can have the most amazing ideas but if you can't do the work, if you can't show up when you don't feel like it, those ideas aren't going to flourish.

I remember when I started painting and my husband told me about this thing called Instagram. He said to me 'you should be sharing your work on here'. I took a look at it and initially I wasn't all that bothered. But then he mentioned it a few more times, so I created an account and posted a few things. I was pretty happy with myself but then he broke the news to me, he said 'you really need to post something everyday'. I was flabbergasted, I couldn't imagine having the discipline or the content to share on a daily basis. It seemed completely out of the realm of possibility for me.

Fortunately, I have a persistent husband and he kept asking me 'have you done your post today?' Before I knew it I'd been posting daily for a few weeks, then it was months, and now I think I am coming up to my 2 year anniversary. I've missed a few days here and there but on the whole I have developed a habit. One that has been very helpful for me as far as building connections and enabling me to share my work.

What I learned from this is that you absolutely can build a habit. This really excited me and it continues to motivate me because now I know that if I push through that initial resistance and discomfort, eventually if you want something and can see the value in it, you can get to a point where it becomes second nature.

So I don't know where I am heading with my blog, but I do know that I want writing to feature in my future. And I also know that the only way to get better at writing is to write on a regular basis. In other words I need to build a writing habit. So here I am on Day 19 writing this post when I'd rather be in bed but I am doing it because developing my voice through writing is important to me and I want to create a habit that supports that. And you know what, I'm nearly done. See that wasn't so hard!

And because I'm a visual person and there needs to be a photograph, here is a studio shot from today. I only had about 45 minutes in the studio so I worked on a mixed media (watercolour + acrylic + stablio pencil) textile-inspired painting. I'm continuing to experiment with pieces of art inspired by things that make me feel like I'm home. More on the development of this series soon but for now I am signing off for the day.

Textile inspired.jpg

Back tomorrow, hopefully feeling a bit fresher Xx