Finishing Frenzy

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to throw reason out the window and break all the rules!

Today I went into the studio with a plan. I wanted to finish off a painting that I have been tinkering with for ages. Mentally I prepared myself - 'Come on Laura, just a short session, maybe half an hour to tidy up any loose ends, don't make any major changes, just get the job done.'

Can you guess what happened?

Well the thing is I haven't been painting as much lately. I've been tweaking my website, writing this blog and just getting my head around running a business. So I had this pent up energy and when I let myself loose on the canvas this crazy painting lady showed up. You know the one that paints as if her life depends on it. So after a 3 hour finishing frenzy, I stood back and this was the result!


When I paint like this, I really don't have much recollection how I got to where I got to. You hear people say it's like someone else is doing the painting and I completely understand what they are saying!

I also feel like I have run a marathon. It's the type of painting that gives your whole body a work-out!

I've called the painting 'Fragile Beauty' as in a spontaneous moment I etched the words 'How fragile life is. Fleeting moments of Beauty. They are Always There'. I think these words have come up for me as there has been so much hardship around the world lately, particularly with all the natural disasters going on. I really hope that for those suffering, there are still moments of beauty that lift them up and remind them of the good in the world.


Without going into 'crazy lady painting mode' I find it hard to stay loose in the final layer. But if I am painting quickly without overthinking, I can keep the painting feeling fresh and I have the courage to do things that I probably wouldn't do if I stepped back to really think about it. Like adding these flowy white branches. They could have been a bit of a disaster but I love how they turned out against the dark background.


I guess the lesson in all this is that you can go in with intentions but it is also okay to throw caution to the wind and just allow things to happen in a way that couldn't possibly be planned.

Well I think I am going to put my feet up, grab a cup of tea and relax. I need it after that mega painting sesh! Thanks for popping by Xx