Life Book 2018 Discount + Lesson Preview

In less than two weeks Life Book 2018 starts!

I am so honoured to be a part of the Life Book 2018 teacher line-up. Life Book has a special place in my heart as it is one of the first online art courses I participated in and I remember being completely wowed by the exciting online art community that it opened up to me.


I love how diverse the lessons are. How one week you can be painting a limited palette portrait and the next week you can be playing with neon paints and bold patterns. 2018 is even more exiting with the introduction of additional wellness lessons

My main lesson for Life Book 2018 is called 'Nature's Wisdom'. This year I made a conscious choice to deepen my connection with nature. It started with taking regular morning walks with my dog. Often I would walk the same trail and I loved watching the trail change with the seasons. I also set up a super comfy space outside for contemplation, reading and writing. Almost everyday I make time to sit in this spot and soak up the nature in my own backyard.


As it turned out 2017 was a difficult year for me on a personal level and when I was at my lowest points I took comfort in the imperfect beauty of nature.

Sometimes I would imagine nature giving me a kiss or whispering soothing words to me. When I felt weak I would think of the strength of an old tree and just this thought would ground me and give me hope.

I'm still putting the finishing touches on my lesson but here is a peek at how it is shaping up. Fluid unpredictable watercolour + delicate patterns + creamy acrylic paint + dramatic black ink! I might even add a little gold leaf for the finishing touch. The festive season has me feeling sparkly! So much to explore, I can't wait to share what I learned along the way.


When you join Life Book 2018 you will get so much more than my lesson. There are over 85 art & wellness sessions for only AUD 123.39 / USD 95.22 if you buy before end of the year. Use: LOVEBOMB2018 upon check out to get 20% off Life Book 2018!

I would love to see you in the classroom :-)

Laura X

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