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Hey there, I’m Laura

An abstract artist from Adelaide, that had a dream and kept chasing it. My first exhibition was even called Dream Chaser! Noticing a theme?

I followed my passion and created a beautiful, messy creative life around it.

Tapping into my creativity gave me clarity and confidence and it can do this for you too.


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My Story

 From office cubicle to open-air studio


It wasn't that long ago, that I was in an office cubicle, wondering if sitting under fluorescent lighting was my lot in life.

Deep down I knew it wasn't. I knew there was something else out there for me, but I didn't know what it was.

It was only when I picked up a paintbrush, that I felt a spark!

These days my studio doors are always open letting in the breeze, I can snuggle my furry friends (cat + dog) whenever I want to and when my kids get home from school, I am able to give them what they most want, my time.

For me, running a creative business is less about hustle and more about heart.

It's about being connected to what you love, making conscious choices as you navigate your day and feeling a deep sense of gratitude and fulfillment.

Nothing lifts me up more than seeing other artists step into their creativity and really come alive. Through my online classes, retreats and podcasts, I help artists to do just that!

When I am not painting or dreaming up new ideas, there's a good chance you will find me, hunting for vintage treasure, looking at cat photos on the net or trying to keep my house plants alive.

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Step Inside My Studio

I would love to show you around and share a few organisational tips with you!


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