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Getting Out of a Painting Funk

Episode 15

There is no doubt about it, some painting days are hard. It's crushing to look at a painting at the end of a session, only to wish that you hadn't touched it at all. Then there are the days when you can't even get motivated to pick up a paintbrush. So how do you get out of a painting funk? Join me this week as I chat about my own experiences and share what has been helping me to get my painting mojo back!

So You Want to Print Your Art?

So You Want to Print Your Art?

Episode 14

This episode we are responding to listener questions. We answer a few quick ones and then settle in for a conversation about making your own art prints. Digitizing and printing your art is technical, time-consuming and requires a significant investment in equipment and materials. BUT it is also a fantastic way for getting your art out into the world and can open the door to exciting opportunities. Join us this week as we talk about the process, the pros and the cons of printing.

Going ALL IN on our Creative Business

Going ALL IN on our Creative Business

Episode 13

There's nothing quite like a trip away, to get you thinking and re-evaluating. That's just what happened when we visited artist and entrepreneur, Doulene Walker, in Bali last month (see last weeks podcast). 
The experience inspired us to think bigger and go ALL IN on running our business (and our home) together. Heads up, we talk about housework nearly as much as painting in this episode! It's an interesting conversation about shifting roles and new possibilities. Enjoy!

Being Brave in Bali

Being Brave in Bali

Episode 12

This week's podcast might be a short one but it is BIG in so many ways! We are with artist, Doulene Walker, and coming to you from beautiful Bali. Being brave is the theme this week and it is fitting as we have exciting news to share! If you have ever imagined taking a week away from the hustle and bustle to immerse yourself in a rich painting and cultural experience, you are going to want to listen in. 

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Tips to Up Your Instagram Game

Episode 11

Growing an Instagram account is an art in itself. There's so much to master. Taking appealing photos, writing engaging captions, using helpful hashtags. The list is endless. This week we share our tips and strategies to help you approach Instagram with confidence and most importantly to enjoy it! We want you to get out there and make the most of this possibility filled platform.

Powerful Tools for Your Online Business

Powerful Online Tools For Your Creative Business

Episode 10

This week I'm sharing the online tools that I use daily, to get organised, save time and stay focused. Whether you are scheduling social media, designing marketing materials or planning projects, the right tools will help you grow your creative business and build a powerful brand. For a full list of all the tools mentioned click here.

Painting & Parenthood

Painting and Parenthood

Episode 9

Raising children while running a creative business is not easy. It's a constant juggle. We haven't got it all figured out but we have learned a few things along the way. So grab a cup of tea and settle in. It's time to let go of the guilt, ease the overwhelm and acknowledge the amazing work you are doing.

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The Fear of Not Being Good Enough

Episode 8

When it comes to sending your art out into the world, fear can stop you in your tracks. The fear that your work isn't up to scratch. The worry that you're not a 'real' artist. This week we share our experiences with fear. We want you to know that we feel it too. Every single day. But we're not letting it be the boss and you shouldn't either!

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Steps to Selling Your Art

Episode 7

Are you ready to start selling your art? There's a lot to consider, from where to sell your art to how to build an engaging brand. Not to mention the practical aspects of photographing, packaging and pricing your work for sale. Tune in this week as we dive into the ins and outs of selling art.

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Healthy Habits for a Creative Life

Episode 6

On this podcast, we love to talk about living a healthy creative life. But, how does it play out in reality? From getting enough sleep to finding ways to cope with jealousy when scrolling through Instagram. This week we put our habits under the spotlight.

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Leaving Your Day Job

Episode 5

How do you know when to leave your day job, and what happens when you take that giant leap? From the joy of new-found freedom to the challenge of establishing routines and making boundaries. This week's podcast is jam-packed with lessons learned and tips for navigating this transition.

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The Sacred Pause

Episode 4

Competing headlines combined with a few hiccups in filming an upcoming class, had my husband and I heading into tricky territory. Fortunately, though, we PAUSED at just the right time and took a moment to take stock and re-calibrate. It got us thinking about the power of the pause.

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Making Space for Creativity

Episode 3

This week we are talking about creative momentum. How do you get your creative juices flowing and keep showing up for your craft?

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The Ups and Downs of Instagram

Episode 2

Instagram. We know it is a powerful tool but how do we maintain a healthy relationship with it? This week we chat about strategies for having a healthy social media presence. 

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My Little Art World is Changing ...

Episode 1

In this episode, we talk about decluttering and getting organised, the excitement of launching online classes and the perils of asking for feedback.

Oh ...... and going to the gym!